Autograph Trim Environmental Policy

Autograph Trim, a division of Column Graphics Inc., recognizes the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to our business activities. We are committed to producing products that meet or exceed customer expectations while operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Company's Management Team is committed to implementing an effective environmental management system designed to accomplish our strategic business objectives while fulfilling our responsibility as a good industrial neighbour in the Greater Toronto Area.

As such our policy includes:

  • Employees and contractors must comply with all applicable environmental rules and regulations.
  • We comply with all federal, provincial and local environmental laws, while also meeting our own
    environmental commitments.
  • We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally-sensitive manner by emphasizing
    conservation through:
  • minimising the generation of waste
  • minimising material wastage
  • minimising energy wastage
  • keeping recyclables and toxins out of the waste stream
  • ensuring compliance with all WHMIS requirements
  • ensuring our full waste stream is dealt with in a responsible manner through regular review of our supplier's activities
  • Regularly assess and re-assess all of the above in order to ensure compliance and efficiency
  • This Policy is communicated to all employees, and is made available to the public upon request

Revision: March 2014

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